“On November 12, a life will change” Patrick Lemarié

Co-founder of FEED Racing with Jacques Villeneuve, Patrick Lemarié is looking forward to the finals on November 12th.

What do you expect from this first FEED Racing final?
May the best win! Jacques Villeneuve and I have created FEED Racing precisely for this reason: most talented must win, the most deserving must get a chance. On November 12, a life will change. It will be turning point for someone. FEED Racing will give him an incredible opportunity he could not have had otherwise. Talent still has its place, and the final will prove it.

How tight and uncertain this final can be?
Everything is possible, and I have no idea who will win. Especially with the first taste of the F1 Magny-Cours layout. This new feature will be tough, and the adaptation needed will be the key element. This can totally muddy the waters. We have 6 finalists of different kinds, with different backgrounds and qualities. A final is a moment apart that can see someone standing out from the rest. The pressure, the stake, the Jury and the media… No doubt, the winner will be the best.

“In the final, we have both extremes: the KZ World Karting Champion and a young driver who just has a small rental kart experience.”

The final will conclude the very first FEED Racing year. Are you already satisfied with this initial campaign?
We are delighted because we had exactly what we were looking for. We wanted a format that gives time to those with less experience or not at all. Obviously, on one or even two days, it would be strictly impossible to offset. But with FEED Racing, with a total of 7 days of testing before the final, with 4 series per day, some have shown their abilities. The gaps got tightened, and talent has emerged. In the final, we have the two extremes: the KZ karting world champion and a young driver who just has a small rental kart experience! We imagined that possible, and to see that happening comforts us.

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