General Sales Conditions

General Sales Conditions

Registration and participation in the training days of the FEED RACING France Challenge implies the irrevocable adhesion without reserve to the present general conditions.

a. Registration for the training days for the FEED RACING France Challenge are open to all candidates from 14 years old before the end of the year in question for selections until 20 years old maximum on the first day of the training days.
b. Payment in full of the price of the training day in accordance with the general conditions of sale and in any case before the 1st day of the training days.
c. The candidates that are minors must be accompanied by an adult that has the power of representation to sign contracts and engagements concerning FEED RACING France (payment, discharge, etc.).
d. A medical certificate authorising the candidate to practice motor sport, but be careful this certificate has to be established by a doctor approved in Medicine of Sport.
e. Never having participated in an automobile competition on track. Contact us
f. To not have ever been a semi finalists or finalist of FEED Racing
g. FEED RACING FRANCE reserves the right to refuse the admission of a candidate if his or her experience in automobile racing does not correspond with the ethics of FRF. Each candidate agrees to communicate to FEED Racing France the totality of their racing experience.
h. The candidate agrees to not practice in a single seater (see clause 13b of the rules)
i. The training days last 5 consecutive days.
j. The reservation will be accepted once we have received the registration form correctly filled out and signed (by the legal representative in the case of a minor) as well as payment of a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the session on the basis of the current rate.
k. The date asked for will be confirmed by email according to the availability for each session.
l. In the case of non-availability, another date will be proposed to the candidate.
m. Registration will be confirmed definitively only after receipt of the final 50% of the total rate of the session of selection.

a. A deposit of 50% of the total rate of the session on the basis of the current rate is asked for at the time of registration for the dates of the training days with the registration form.
b. The last 50% must be paid at least 45 calendar days before the 1st day of the training days.
c. In the case of no payment of 100% of the fee previous to the training days, the candidate will not be able to participate
d. Only bank wires are accepted on the company account of FEED RACING France or by Credit Card on the system put into place on the website. In the case of registration on the website, the candidate has a 14 day delay for retraction starting on the day of validation of the registration by FEED RACING France. If the right to retract is done within the legal delay mentioned above, FEED RACING France will reimburse the totality of the sums paid. This right can no longer be used if the training days have started before the expiration of the delay of retraction mentioned above.
e. In the exceptional case of payment in instalments and with no fees, only the candidates of the 1st training days of April 20, 21, 22, 2019 can apply in the following manner:
i) The deposit of 50% must be paid by a bank wire at the time of registration.
iv) The balance must be paid 45 days before the first day of the course.
This payment planning is entirely at the charge and risk of FEED Racing France. The client is responsible for his engagement and cannot participate in the 1st to 3rd training days without payment of the two first deposits and in the 4th and 5th training days without complete payment within the deadlines. In the case of no respect of the deadlines, the sums already paid will not be reimbursed.

a. No reimbursement will be offered in the case of a definitive cancelation of the training days on the part of the candidate.
b. A demand for delay for another date will only be analysed and accepted in the case of force major, a serious health problem with presentation of a medical certificate attesting the impossibility of the candidate to move or drive a single seater, and equally in the event of the death of a family member with a death certificate and a certificate proving the relationship.
c. A demand for delay for any other reason must be presented at least 60 days before the date of the training days so that it can be examined. If not, the demand will be refused and the deposit will be lost.
d. The candidate agrees to sign and strictly respect the rules and regulations of FEED RACING France, especially in terms of security. The no respect of these rules and actions putting his /her or others security in danger will result in the exclusion of the candidate without reimbursement.
e. In case of absence, motivated or not, the training days will be lost for the candidate.
f. The offers are subject to availability at the moment of registration.
g. The beneficiary of a “training days without a date” has one year to participate in a training days starting on the day that the candidate was registered and paid.

FEED RACING France may exceptionally be forced to cancel the training days if:
Security conditions call for it.
Weather conditions stop the execution of the training days in complete security (ex. snow, ice).
In no case will FEED RACING France be responsible and the activity will be delayed until a further date.

There will be no reimbursements, all activities will be delayed. FEED RACING France reserves the right to delay training days according to technical problems, openings / closings of the tracks, and authorisations, or any other event out of the control of the company within a delay of 3 weeks before the training days. In any situation, the training days will be delayed until a further date. The validity of the voucher will be prolonged and new dates proposed to the candidate.

a. All guests must register in order to permit the organisation of access to the tracks during the training days.
b. The number of guests is limited to 2 persons maximum per driver. Contact us if more people needed.
c. For security and insurance coverage reasons, access to children less than 10 years old is forbidden.
d. Animals are not allowed (even on leashes).
e. Candidates must sign the registration form and be informed of the present general conditions of sale.
f. No guest will be allowed to access the track
g. The guests will be able to have lunch with the drivers and the management team, for a participation of 50 € per person and per day of course, which also includes the breakfast of welcome, the open bar (no alcoholic) all day and the end of training cocktail. This package must be booked and paid at the time of payment of the balance of the course

a. The driver must sign on site a discharge engaging his unique responsibility in the case of an accident during the training days, provide a medical certificate authorising the candidate to practice motor sport, but be careful this certificate has to be established by a doctor approved in Medicine of Sport. In the case of a minor, the discharge must be signed by a legal representative.
b. FEED RACING France, organiser of the training days for the FEED RACING France driving Challenge is insured by Allianz, the intermediary of the Insurance Company: GRAS SAVOYE, with a Contract RC Pro and Organisation N°
c. An “individual accident” contract is underwritten by FEED RACING France for each driver with a capital of 100 000 € in case of death / disability. N °
d. EVENTUAL DAMAGES: on cars or circuit infrastructures: A deductible of € 5,000 will be charged to the driver or his legal representative in the event of deterioration of the Formula 4 and/or the infrastructure of the track. In the event of damage below the deductible, FEED RACING France will take care of the repairs.

a. The website proposes information as an indicative content. Internet users are invited to consider this information with circumspection and a critical eye. Consequently, the information given on this website is not contractual. It is given with subject to typing errors or availability at the time of their consultation. Although subject to particular attention, the information on the present website does not engage the responsibility of FEED RACING France for whatever reason.

FEED RACING France attaches great importance to the respect of private life and takes all the necessary measures to assure the confidentiality and security of the personal information of it’s clients / prospects.
As part of it’s activity, it collects the following personal information:
Name, Surname
Email address
Phone number
Birth date
It collects this information for the following reasons:
Offers and information concerning driving training days
Management of orders
Follow up and satisfaction of clients
Elaboration of statistics
It does not give in any case and to none of it’s partners any personal information concerning it’s clients.
Conforming with the General Rules for the protection of information of May 25, 2018 the candidate may at any time ask for the restitution, change, or deletion of his / her personal information by contacting the company at the following address:

The present General Conditions of sale are subjected to French law. In the eventuality of a disaccord without a friendly agreement, any dispute relating to their interpretation or execution will be submitted to the courts of Nevers.