In the footsteps of FEED Racing School, where young talents from 14 to 21 years old can test a F4 car, we are pleased to announce the launch of the brand-new FEED Racing EuroNASCAR Challenge.  

We offer the opportunity to everyone from 16 y.o., to test a 400 hp V8 NASCAR, during three days in Magny-Cours. At the end of a grand final, the winner will get a free season in the 2022 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, supported by Jacques Villeneuve, 1997 F1 world champion, IndyCar champion and winner of the Indy 500, and by Patrick Lemarié, European endurance champion, test and development driver in F1 for four years and IndyCar driver. An award worth over 100,000 euros.

Become an official driver of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series in 2022


8 000 EUROS The entry fee (excl VAT)

AGE LIMIT Drivers from 16 y.o.

RECORD LIMIT No Platinum or Gold FIA licence* No Nascar experience*

3 DAYS OF TESTING IN MAGNY-COURS With the FEED Racing team coaches

6 FASTEST INTO THE FINAL The six fastest will be qualified



  • SESSION 1 15 x Drivers AUGUST 4-5-6, 2021
  • FINAL 6 x Drivers SEPTEMBER 2021

Since the launch of FEED Racing and the F4 program, we realized that many drivers over 21 years old were also eager to get a chance. In collaboration with EuroNASCAR and Jérôme GALPIN’s teams, we thought that there was room to offer an opportunity for the largest number. EuroNASCAR is the ideal platform for those who otherwise could not hope to drive such a car, and who knows, to win a full season. I’ve been enjoying myself so much since 2019 in this championship. It’s an amazing chance for all those who want to express their talent, to take part in very close races, against a fierce competition.”

Jacques Villeneuve

“EuroNASCAR is what we call Pure Racing. It’s everything we love about driving. It gives you the opportunity to relive the sensations that tend to disappear nowadays in motorsport. Driving a EuroNascar is brutal and very demanding. We take a maximum of pleasure out there. This Challenge is quite different because there is no age limit. It can concern young drivers over 16 years old who would like to have access to a professional championship in order to get noticed but also older drivers who already have experience in other categories and would like to relaunch their career, those who do not have the budget to complete a season or gentlemen drivers who would like to drive something different than a GT car.“

Patrick Lemarié

Contact      FEED RACING     contact@feedracing.com +33(0) 3 86 21 86 34

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* Read the rules.

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