What you get with FEED Racing

FEED Racing is, in 2022, the only driving school in the purest tradition of those that France has known during its golden age of motorsport.

It is the only solution to go from karting to F4, for those who have no financial support, and for a cost lowered to the minimum but for a service pushed to its maximum.

A unique opportunity that requires a unique service.

For a registration to FEED Racing and its F4 “VOLANT”, here’s what you get:

➡️ From 5 to 10 days of “real” driving (if qualifying for the grand final).

➡️ 8am to 5pm all day long.

➡️ 4 experienced coaches at your service.

➡️ Our trainers have won everything: F1, IndyCar, Endurance, GT, Karting.

➡️ 4 dedicated mechanics.

➡️ 2 tracks.

➡️ An official FFSA timekeeping.

➡️ New tires for each driver.

➡️ Identical cars that belong to us (nobody else touches them!).

➡️ Video analysis.

➡️ Simulation work.

➡️ Photo equipment for comm.

➡️ Onboard cameras.

➡️ Catering offered to the drivers.

➡️ All racing equipment provided.

➡️ Complimentary racing underwear.

➡️ Bell racing helmet offered to the Top 3.

➡️ Sparco racing suit offered to the Finalists.

➡️ Finals and pre-Final trials offered to the 6 Finalists.

➡️ No additional on-site fees.

➡️ Special rates at Le Paddock Hotel, right next to the track.

➡️ The winner will get a season in F4 in 2023.

Upcoming and final F4 courses

➡️ July 16/17/18/19/20, 2022

➡️ July 23/24/25/26/27, 2022

💻 www.feedracing.fr

📩 contact@feedracingfrance.fr

📞 +33(0)6 77 06 24 30 (NEW NUMBER)


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