Updates about the 2020 courses

After a very successful first campaign in 2019, FEED Racing must adapt to the exceptional circumstances arising from the COVID19 crisis and the remaining uncertainties. In order to perpetuate its mission to detect talent and to give a chance to the greatest number, all while respecting the protection of drivers and their families, FEED Racing has taken the following decisions for 2020:

“Only a few places left for the 2020 courses, which will be held at the end of July / beginning of August.”

New course dates
The selections over 5 days of driving are grouped on July 24, 25 and 26 then July 28 and 29 for stage 1, followed by July 31 and August 1, 2 then August 4 and 5 for stage 2. Always on the Club Magny-Cours circuit and in the presence of Jacques Villeneuve and Patrick Lemarié.

“More time, more commitment… For ever more chance to realize his dream.”

New dates for the finals
As a result of this new agenda, the final phases – quarter-finals, semi-finals and final – will be held in spring 2021. This will generate a much greater media impact at this time of year and allows more time for partner search for 2022.

“Our own F4 team, at your disposal.”

Creation of the FEED Racing Team
FEED Racing is going to launch its own F4 team, the FEED Racing Team, in collaboration with an experienced structure. In addition to participation in an European F4 championship, this team will be available to drivers who would like to set up a professional testing programme for one day or more, all at a low cost.

“Up to 10 days of driving available in an F4.”

Reinforcement of the FEED Racing offer
FEED Racing will offer an additional one-day test session in F4 to all its 2020 finalists within its newly created structure. This means up to 10 days of possible driving: 5 days of training, 1 day of quarter-final, 1 day of semi-final, 1 day of training plus another 1 day for the 6 finalists, and finally 1 day for the final.

“More than just a Volant, a whole community.”

FEED Racing Community Development
FEED Racing will set up an e-Sport support, after its GTE registration for the first Virtual Le Mans 24 Hours. Each driver will be able to benefit from advice, via the birth of the FEED Racing Community. This will offer more visibility and will allow drivers to train during the winter.

All our services have been reviewed in order to respect the health standards and thus guarantee the safety of our students, their companions and our team. 

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