Feed Racing partnering with Globatalent

To increase the academy’s capabilities and help drivers obtain financial support, FEED Racing is partnering with Globatalent ‒ a new platform that allows sports institutions and talent to raise funds against their future earnings. Fans invest in a driver, athlete or team and receive a cut of their future earnings, such as image rights, sponsorship deals and winnings, along with fan engagement experiences.

“I know from my own experience how difficult it is to arrive and stay within the F1 elite. With this partnership with Globatalent, what we like the most is that they give the opportunity to young talented drivers so that they can get as far with their careers as possible,” explains Jacques Villeneuve.

The partnership will provide a clear pathway for people to participate in the motorsport business, and new drivers to raise the funds needed to break into higher tier Formula racing. 

Globatalent investors and fans will benefit from great motorsport experiences and opportunities to invest in validated promising talent, safe in the knowledge that they are receiving the best training and career support.

“This partnership it is a new formula that goes beyond traditional sponsorships and that is a great attraction for investors and fans, since they will be able to return on their investment and be able to access merchandising and exclusive experiences from future F1 stars and our team,” explains Patrick Lemarié.

“FEED Racing offers the best drivers with better opportunities of launching their career in motorsport by providing them with financial backing and career support. We are very excited to support this mission and welcome some great new driving talent onto our funding platform,” adds Globatalent CEO, Sunil Bhardwaj.

About Globatalent

Globatalent is a sports investment platform that allows clubs and athletes to raise funds to help them take the next stage in their professional development.

Sports clubs and athletes can host campaigns on the Globatalent platform in order to raise necessary funds while engaging their fan base. Sports fans can support their favorite clubs and athletes by investing in them, receiving part of their future profits, including prizes, image rights, bonuses, etc. Assets can then be traded on the Globatalent marketplace.

Globatalent are currently raising investment to scale their company. Find out more on Envestry: https://envestors.envestry.com/deals/2987

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