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There were so many of you to register for the first 2022 FEED RACING F4 Course. Thanks a lot for the trust!

🆕 We are happy to confirm the adding of two new 20-slot courses!

➡️ JULY 16/17/18/19/20, 2022 

➡️ JULY 23/24/25/26/27, 2022 

Come and drive an F4 for 5 days, in pure equity (car, tyre, laps) in order to qualify for the final stages (1/4, 1/2, final).

🆕 It’s now a single session of 5 consecutive days (compared to 3 + 2 previously) to reduce travel costs and facilitate the arrival of foreigners.

➡️ FEED Racing is the most frugal and fair way to go from karting to single-seaters. That’s a chance of a lifetime and a pure experience of racing.

➡️ Win a full season of Formula 4 in 2023 in a top European championship.

ℹ️ Open to all drivers ages 14-21. No license needed.

⚠️ NEW PHONE NUMBER 📞 +33(0)6 77 06 24 30

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